System of a Down Singer Reveals If Chris Cornell Was ‘Tired’ Of Soundgarden


System of a Down singer Serj Tankian paid tribute to late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in EW’s 2017 Year in Review issue. He revealed that Cornell was excited to head out on tour with Soundgarden shortly before his death.

He told Eric Renner Brown, “First of all, his voice was kick-ass. Chris had that incredible emotion and this phenomenal range. He always made me feel something, no matter whether he was singing soft or he was going really high or screaming. Along with Soundgarden’s music, it was just a perfect combination. His lyrics were always challenging – antiauthoritarian and anti-hypocrisy. When the Grunge movement started, I was definitely intrigued by them, and Chris’ vocal style specifically.

Years later, after I began touring with System of a Down, we ended up meeting through friends. My first impression of Chris was that he was so modest: Here is this incredible rock god who is gracious with his time and humble and cool. When you complimented him, he’d always be surprised. If you said, ‘I love Temple of the Dog, bro!’ he’d be like, ‘No way!’ He was a perfect rock spokesperson and also a mild-mannered, gentle human being.

Last time I saw him was at Elton John’s birthday party. We were talking about touring: ‘Aren’t you tired of it?’ He was was like, ’Nah, man, I’m going to go on tour with Soundgarden.’”

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      Still breaks my heart 🙁

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    Super sad… and breaks my heart.

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    Hi, my name is Serj. How can I get my overrated name and my overrated band back in the news to try and sell tickets and albums…oh, wait, I know…

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      Actually, it’s more like, “Hi, my name is Brett. I really suck at journalism. I like regurgitating and spinning other outlets’ stories to melt everyone’s heart.”

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        Sorry to hear he gets on your nerves mbear…..many of us are O.K. with this site that isn’t polished and proper. There are plenty of other places that are.

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          Wait!!! There are sites other than this?!??

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            She didn’t say quite that, did she? She could have said “Or maybe ‘Hi my name is mbear. I need to find a hobby. In the meantime, I go to the same site that I don’t like and keep posting comments on how I don’t like it.’ ” But she didn’t. She just told you why she disagrees. I would respect that.

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            Blah Blah Blah. My hobby is going to awesome sites like this, sharing my opinion, and watching everyone and their mother get caught up in a hippocritical frenzy. Troll? Yes. Sociopathic? Yes. Waste of life? Yes.

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            Acknowledgment is the first help toward healing, Good luck.

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          I think it’s just aggravating to see a story click it, then find out there is no content. I’m pretty sure Brett has two complete interviews with serj and Chris, and he “writes” ten articles a week from them, for months. Check out our reader’s incredible heartbreaking comments above.

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            I don’t have an explanation for all of it, except perhaps some fans, maybe those who are personally dealing with grief, still feel the need to express themselves. There are bigger problems in the world.

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            Yes, there are bigger problems… one of which Chris and Chester were trying to put an end to… hence why they aren’t with us anymore. 🙁 sad indeed

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            If you just complain about things that really don’t matter (in the long run), then you are missing out on the life that is passing you by.

            And that is a bigger issue than whether an article is clickbait or not.

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            Why do so many come to this site then if they find it so offensive?

            I believe that much of the dynamic of how we live in our societies today involves various forms of “click bait” trying to influence us in some way or sell us something.

            Why do the people who don’t think Chris Cornell should be spoken of read these articles and torture themselves? They aren’t changing the fact that people are still sad and full of questions over his passing.

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            I have no idea.

            But sometimes I think that silence is a scary thing to some people.

            So instead of just letting that be, they have to make some sort of noise.

            I don’t know if that makes sense.

            It’s just something that came to mind.

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    It’s really very very sad that we will never hear anything from Chris ever again (either through his singing, through him speaking, or through his playing).

    He still should be here with us, you know?

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    Artists love to play their music live plus SG had such a long break anyways he probably missed playing with Ben, Kim and Matt and that’s probably also why he didn’t do a 4th Audioslave album, plus he wanted to do his solo stuff. I was so looking forward to a new SG album.

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      He seems literate by the definition of the word, but you might want to check your keyboard. It randomly hits CAPS and ….. . It makes it difficult to follow your “thoughts”.

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            Whatever, ahole.

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        Does he seem literate? Last time I saw him was at Elton John’s birthday party. We were talking about touring: ‘Aren’t you tired of it?’ He was was like, ’Nah, man, I’m going to go on tour with Soundgarden.’”

        Notice the word “WAS”? Brett used it TWICE, back to back..soo, apparently he didn’t proof read either. He can S@_k MORE BALLS! V.Ks balls

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    Clickbait bullshit. Did Vicky makes you say this? I hate this site.

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    Hey Bret, did you change the headline of this? Looks like it. Now at least it LOOKS like it makes any sense or has some sort of relevance…. why don’t you find another job. Your articles suck and don’t make sense half the time…i bet YOU can’t WAIT until V.K. gets her “reality” show, you’ll probably have a walk on role. Ooh even better, you’ll be able to attempt writing an article about it that will keep NOone’s attention. DO US ALL A FAVOR??, and do some investigative journalism on this topic..oh right, you can’t, or you’ll get fired or worse ey?

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