Radio Station Reveals Major Pearl Jam North American Tour Update


The Ten Club forums are continuing to discuss Pearl Jam 2018 (and 2019) North American tour date rumors. A fan recently commented on Alternative Nation’s Facebook that a Philadelphia date was in the works, and there are now conflicting rumors in regards to that, and promising news regarding Seattle and Chicago shows.


With the rumours of Fenway being the Aug 31st weekend that would force the Philly shows (if true ) to farther in the week for set up time. If Boston is Friday/Sunday then Philly would have to be Thursday/Saturday I would guess since unless the field crew are ok with a game the day after a concert which would allow Friday/Sunday then.

PJNB posted:

Read on Facebook that [dimitrispearljam] thinks Wrigley is a go and as for the rest of the arena tour nothing has been confirmed yet so he is not speaking on it.

dimitrispearljam posted:

So a Vancouver radio station just said Pearl Jam are playing Seattle this August? That is sweet news!

dimitrispearljam posted:

i dont know anmything about philly for next summer

pjpitt89 posted:

I wouldn’t call this a rumor, but more like speculation with knowledge. I discuss PJ with a media type source and a month or two ago they had no knowledge of any PJ show. I asked just recently about Citizens Bank Park, and they said they don’t think so, suggested Wells Fargo instead and said there would be news “very soon”. This person always plays very coy, but I take their thoughts and hints with some weight.