Tool Member Calls Big Name Female ‘Monster’


Tool guitarist Adam Jones had high praise for Mackie Osbourne’s work on the new Tool album Fear Inoculum (the first review leaked a week ago), calling her a real ‘monster’ on the record. Mackie Osborne has worked with The Circle Jerks, Melvins, and Rancid, and is married to Buzz Osborne, who some call the Godfather of Grunge due to his relationship with Kurt Cobain. Maynard James Keenan unloaded on new Tool album backlash last week.

Jones told Revolver, “Mackie is just a monster. She does our layout. She’s helped us on our last three or four records. She’s very talented and very cool. We have packaging ideas and concepts and we go to her. She helps sort it out and then we take it to the record company.

It’s really cool because the record company in the past has not always been ready to jump off what is the normal track of how you do things. They always say, ‘You can’t do this,’ because they don’t wanna make waves. But we wanna go balls out. We always wanna make things special, because it’s special for us, you know?”

The new Tool album Fear Inoculum is set for release on August 30th, and the sprawling 10-minute plus title track came out earlier this year, the first new Tool song in 13 years.