Maynard James Keenan Unloads On New Tool Album Backlash


Maynard James Keenan unloaded on new Tool album ‘whiners’ in a new interview, calling out fans who got impatient during the 13-year wait for Fear Inoculum, which is finally set for release on August 30th. A Tool member revealed yesterday a ripoff that he used on the new album.

A new Revolver article states, “The self-described ‘grumpy grandpa’ of the band just wanted to tell all those eager beavers to sit down and shut the f**k up. ‘I think we live in the age of entitlement and immediacy, the drawing of the age of confusion,’ he says. ‘You’re just a kid whining in the backseat about, are we there yet? And the fact is, we’ll get there when we get there. But the idea that you can’t get out, get your own damn car and go drive is absurd to me. That’s what we’ve been saying the whole time. But if you’re in this car, this is how long it’s gonna take.”

Tool recently hinted if their new album could be the band’s last. Adam Jones told Guitar World, “I took a picture pointing to the number seven while we were recording, and a lot of the riffs Justin [Chancellor, bass] and I brought in were in seven. You don’t really go, ‘I’m going to write a riff in seven!’ You just write a riff and you count it out and it turns out to be in seven. Without being too descriptive about the concept, the main thing is that the seven-beat just kept coming up, and riffs in seven kept coming up. It was really weird!

“When we finished recording, I went to the guys and said, ‘I think we should have called the record Volume 7’ because a lot of the songs are in seven and there are seven tracks on the record. Then Maynard [James Keenan, vocals] told me about a whole concept he had about the number seven. We were all, like, ‘Oh My God! This is too weird!’ Then Alex Grey [Tool album artist] basically said the same thing and he has a concept that will reveal itself through video.”