Tool Member Nearly ‘Airlifted’ To Hospital


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan discussed his two bouts with COVID-19 in a new AZCentral interview. He was denied a hospital bed as his lung capacity hadn’t dropped enough, and would find out later that his manager was working the phones trying to find an available hospital bed in Arizona where Keenan could be airlifted. He didn’t find one.

Statistics kept by the Arizona Department of Health Services showed that hospital beds statewide were at 90 to 92% capacity during the first weeks of December. It was part of a rising trend in cases that would not subside until early February.

Keenan still feels diminished lung capacity from his two bouts with COVID-19. He uses a volumetric exerciser — that device that challenges you to keep a ball floating in the air with your breath — to test and expand it.

“It seems so chaotic. There’s no rhyme or reason who it attacks hardest and lightest.”

He later said, “If I was a novel writer, to me, this is a dry run.”

“Look at them. They’ve failed,” he said about omeone looking down on the planet. “If it’s any worse than this, we won’t be prepared. We failed to look out for each other.”