Pearl Jam Finally Explain Chris Cornell Tribute Song


Pearl Jam discussed their Chris Cornell tribute song “Comes Then Goes” off of Gigaton in a series of new tweets celebrating the album’s 1st anniversary. The song also appears to feature Eddie Vedder criticizing Vicky Cornell in the lyrics.

“We listened to a version Eddie recorded, we were so moved by the lyrics. It was a moment for me in this whole recording process when he first shared that song with us.” – Matt Cameron

“There was an electric guitar that got added from Ed at the last minute… just a little bit of power in a few spots and make sure the bridge chords are strong coming in.” – Stone Gossard

“Sonically, it’s simple, but emotionally, it is very complex.” – Producer Josh Evans

Pearl Jam also discussed “Buckle Up” off of Gigaton.

“What ended up on the record was pretty improvisational, it was counter melodies I was hearing. Stone & I have always worked well together in that way, complimenting each other’s riffs & leaving space for one another and that was a really fun track…” ​- Jeff Ament

“I guess that’s what I was aiming for, juxtaposing something pretty with a somber lyric. I think it’s pretty good… [Ed] just sang it really in the spirit of how I had it in the demo” – Stone Gossard