Pearl Jam Finally Explain Chris Cornell Tribute Song


Pearl Jam discussed their Chris Cornell tribute song “Comes Then Goes” off of Gigaton in a series of new tweets celebrating the album’s 1st anniversary. The song also appears to feature Eddie Vedder criticizing Vicky Cornell in the lyrics.

“We listened to a version Eddie recorded, we were so moved by the lyrics. It was a moment for me in this whole recording process when he first shared that song with us.” – Matt Cameron

“There was an electric guitar that got added from Ed at the last minute… just a little bit of power in a few spots and make sure the bridge chords are strong coming in.” – Stone Gossard

“Sonically, it’s simple, but emotionally, it is very complex.” – Producer Josh Evans

Pearl Jam also discussed “Buckle Up” off of Gigaton.

“What ended up on the record was pretty improvisational, it was counter melodies I was hearing. Stone & I have always worked well together in that way, complimenting each other’s riffs & leaving space for one another and that was a really fun track…” ​- Jeff Ament

“I guess that’s what I was aiming for, juxtaposing something pretty with a somber lyric. I think it’s pretty good… [Ed] just sang it really in the spirit of how I had it in the demo” – Stone Gossard

  • Stone Gossardish

    No one in that band has ever addressed the issue of what part of Comes and Goes is about, and who it is about, and they never will. But there is absolutely no doubt of that matter. It is scathing, direct, and accurate.

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