Watch Dave Chappelle & John Mayer Cover Nirvana


Dave Chappelle surprised fans at a John Mayer concert earlier this week, joining the musician on stage to cover Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” Watch below!

#RG from @kenzdoyle – Let's talk about how I go to see #JohnMayer for $10 at the amazing Hotel Cafe and DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOWS UP and then they do A NIRVANA TRACK TOGETHER what a magical night 🌙💖 – #johnmayer

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Y'all they did free falling together too 😭 #JohnMayer overload today because last night was a dream 🌙

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Frances Bean Cobain’s legal battle with her estranged husband Isaiah Silva over her late father Kurt Cobain’s guitar. Page Six reports:

Silva, a musician in the band the Eeries, claims that in happier times, Frances Bean gave him the guitar — a Martin D-18E with the bridge flipped so that Kurt could play it left-handed — as a wedding present when they secretly married in 2014. It was once insured for $1 million, but experts say it is now likely worth several times that amount.

The article also states:

We’re told that after months of negotiation, Silva is still holding out and — according to Frances Bean’s side — is taking “extreme and unsupportable positions” on the disagreement.

“He is forcing the matter to litigation,” we’re told. Meanwhile, sources close to the struggle say it ended in a deadlock, and Frances Bean is ready to take the matter in front of a judge.

An insider tells us, “In September, a judge ordered Frances Bean to pay Silva $15,000 a month in spousal support as part of an interim settlement while they worked out the guitar issue through mediation.”

Reps for an attorney for Silva didn’t get back to us.

  • Raj

    That was Come As You Are not Smells Like Teen Spirit, c’mon now Brett don’t get sloppy on us it’s only January!

  • I don’t know how these two became friends but it’s a beautiful things seeing them together.

    “Play the fight riff!”