Guns N’ Roses Member ‘Turns Down’ Massive Tour Offer


Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson admitted to turning down 5 major tour offers before his exit from the band in a new live Q&A. Slash just revealed who told him to ‘quit.’

EricStacey wrote on, “Btw did say he had to turn down like 5 straight tours, as he has stated in past interviews. I sensed the frustration that they didn’t release more music, not surprisingly. Tommy does seem like a nice guy overall.”

Unheard ‘Chinese Democracy’ era material recently leaked online from Stinson’s time in the band. Ruggie74 asked on Reddit earlier this week, “Never heard the leaks. What do they sound like?

I didn’t find out there were any leaks until tonight and it seems everything has been well swept under the rug on the internet!

To those of you who did hear them, what exactly were they like? Were they just all old stuff from the pre-CD release? Or did any of it actually sound like it may be new material? How many songs were totally “finished” with all instruments and vocals?!

Would you say the songs were pretty consistent with Chinese Democracy’s sound, or perhaps something else? What did you guys think about the leaks?”

Keith Richards’ daughter discussed a Guns N’ Roses ‘love’ recently. Geetarmikey responded, “From what I heard they were musically pretty great, but Axl’s vocals were very “clean” and kind of didn’t suit it for me.”

LordDioBrando commented, “They sound like Chinese Democracy. The leaked material was all demo quality of ~30 tracks mostly instrumentals with ~7-8 with vocals.

They originate from the sessions between ’98-’00 and contain early versions of every song off CD except ‘This I Love.'”

LTS55 said, “They were all old stuff. The discs were from 2002 or so. No songs were finished since they weren’t mixed, but like 5 songs had Axl Rose vocals (and there where two with Tommy Stinson vocals). Several instrumental demos were more experimental and electronic than Chinese, several feel like they’d fit right in.” Slash disrespecting Madonna was detailed last week.