Watch Eddie Vedder’s Performance At Obama’s Farewell & His Emotional Reaction To Speech


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed at President Obama’s farewell address in Chicago last night. Vedder was also shown on television watching Obama’s speech, with a wistful look on his face.
1. Rise
2. People Have the Power
3. Something Inside So Strong
4. Rockin’ in the Free World

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The Intertia recently published a story about Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder being rescued from a six person canoe over a decade ago. Vedder was on a six-person sailing canoe when it overturned. Half the crew was able to get back on, but without paddles. The wind shot the vessel out of reach of Vedder and two female companions, but fortunately Ashley Baxter and her father Keith rescued Vedder after Baxter advised her father to check a noise she heard.

Vedder is now paying back the family that rescued him big time in their time of need. Keith was in a boating accident where a rusty anchor nearly cuts his leg off at the calf, leaving him with a bone infection that has thus-far been incurable.

The Intertia article states:

Ashley randomly ran into Kacky Ovrom Chamberlain, who was apparently saved along with Vedder by the family that fateful day, and told her about the accident and Keith’s subsequent troubles. Ovrom Chamberlain contacted Vedder and helped set up a GoFundmePage, which raised $70,000 for treatments not covered by insurance on Keith’s leg (he still might lose his limb). Well Vedder–whose song “Future Days,” was inspired by the rescue—came up huge this week, with Pearl Jam members matching the money already earned and helping to bring the grand total to over $140,000.

“Yes, it’s all true,” Karen Baxter wrote us in an email. “Pearl Jam (Eddie, Stone, Jeff, Mike, and Matt) matched what was originally raised ($70K) through”

  • larry cornwater

    It’s a shame a lot of the talented musicians are the delusional “Obama and his administration did a great job over the last 8 years” people.

    If this guy was president back before the WW2 generation were all feeble, he’d be tarred and feathered and chased out of town by a mob wielding torches and pitchforks.

    Sad thing is that half of America is ready to do that to a guy who isn’t even president yet, but will sit there and cheer for America’s lamest of the lame duck presidents like he made the country and world a better place while he had the opporunity to do so. Instead of criticizing him for the whole ballooning national debt and being at war literally every single day of his presidency.

    It’s a shame liberal America doesn’t put Obama under the same microscope they put Trump under. They’d see different strains of the same flu virus.

    • IrregularJohn

      It IS politically correct way to go for Eddie. In the 90s it was safe for musicians to speak out loud against Clinton but I wonder how those same musicians (like Vedder or RATM) would relate to Obama were he white and the president in the 90s.

    • Trump’s gonna be at war every single day of his Administration also, and if he’s serious about half of what he’s said during campaigning than the national debt will also balloon.

      • Katie

        Astute observation.

      • larry cornwater

        The difference is people aren’t gonna let Trump get away with the sort of inadequacy displayed by the Obama administration over the past 8 years.

        People are ready for REAL CHANGE. The kind promised and left undelivered by the current president.

    • Katie

      “Instead of criticizing him for the whole ballooning national debt and being at war literally every single day of his presidency.”

      Hate to break it to you dude but seriously, you think that’s gonna wash? Rubbish!

      You can thank the Republicans and George W. Bush for handing President Obama the twisted legacy of the continual ballooning national debt AND the *war* the United States has been in with the Middle East since at least 2001.

      • larry cornwater

        Why would I thank the Republicans for problems that have gotten worse, not better, over the past 8 years? You can blame the previous administration for getting the ball rolling, but it has been the Obama administration’s job to make things better, not continue kicking the ball up the field.

        8 freaking years to get things going in the opposite direction, but nope. More floundering. Different sides of the same coin. Über-failure.

    • Von

      False. Obama could NEVER have been president before WW2. African Americans were not even really allowed to vote then. Google “poll taxes” and then get back to me…

      Funny that a man that pulls himself up from his bootstraps, been married to the same woman, and have kids that will be going to prestigious universities is not lauded, but instead criticized. I guess your side likes millionaires that have to get their money from daddy and not really have to earn it. I relate more to people who actually have to earn their money.

      • larry cornwater

        What does where he came from have to do with what he’s done with this country? I don’t like Dubya, Obama, or Trump, so there you go. I gave Obama a chance, he let us down. I’ll give Trump a chance and hope he doesn’t continue down the same path of mediocrity.

  • Katie

    “In regards to war, don’t blame Obama.. That was all Bush. Obama wanted to leave Afghanistan and Iraq, but the Republicans disagreed and said it was too soon to pull all of our troops out. So we left about 20,000 of them there…”

    Exactly. Thank you.

  • Katie

    I was quite ill last night so I am hoping that I may find a recorded version of the Farewell Speech when I return home tonight. Hopefully. 🙂

    • Corndog

      Hope you’re feeling better Katie:)

      • Katie

        I am. And thanks so much… <3 Getting over influenza that went into pneumonia. Haven't been sick like this in three years. And I received the flu shot! Oh well… Hope all is well in Northern Eire.

        • Corndog

          Glad to hear it:)

          Our political system is falling apart again, but other than that everything is grand!

  • larry cornwater

    And he also had EIGHT YEARS to take it to the mechanic and body shop. Never happened. Are we worse off now than 8 years ago? Really hard to say, but it sure feels like it.

  • Lucky Neko

    New Eddie Vedder skill for his resume : climbing the political social circle, rockstar style