Joey Diaz Describes Courtney Love Getting High Near Soundgarden Member’s Bar


Joey Diaz discussed living in Seattle in the mid 90’s on a new episode of his podcast. He discussed Courtney Love allegedly using drugs at a place near Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd’s bar.

“There was also a night in there where they had a release party for the heroin chick, and I heard horrible stories that she had guys shooting her, Kurt Cobain’s wife. They had a party, you’ve got to remember this was downtown Seattle, and it was down the block from the bass player from Soundgarden’s bar.

So Lobo Loco had a parking lot next to it, and then you walked to the corner, you crossed the street, and if you walked 50 yards, somebody from Soundgarden owned the bar on that street at that time. Soundgarden was never there, but people were always there.

Then if you walked the other way down the block, you hit the Comedy Underground. Now that fucking block and a half to the Comedy Underground, you could have gotten killed there, you could have gotten killed there. There was something about it, you don’t know what, it was heroin. It was that square, just that one three block section.”

You can watch the full episode below.