Watch Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher & Joe Perry Perform “Come Together”


Liam Gallagher and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry joined Foo Fighters at Cal Jam 17 to perform The Beatles’ “Come Together.” Watch below.

Joe Perry of Aerosmith with The Foo Fighters to close the night out!!!!!! #caljam2017

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The Kills’ Alison Mosshart also joined Foo Fighters to perform “La Dee Da.”

Foo Fighters discussed “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” in a new Guitar World interview.

Interestingly, for all its production, “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” Grohl says, actually came together pretty quickly, and somewhat at the last minute. “It was the last song we recorded. We had finished the record and we had two weeks off before we were supposed to mix. I went down to Hawaii, and I came back and I said to everybody, ‘I think I’ve got one more in me.’ Because I always feel like I have one more in me. You know, ‘Everlong’ was that one more song. ‘The Pretender’ was that one more song. So I wrote that song and I came back and we recorded it really quickly. And, I mean, the bare bones of the song are really simple. Taylor and I recorded the drums and guitar live in maybe two takes. And then we just started piling stuff onto it.”

“It was sort of a free-for-all because it was so fast,” Pat Smear adds. “Like, ‘Come up with something, we’re recording. Go do it!’ ”

Grohl continues, “After listening to it, I said to Greg, ‘I feel like this bridge could have some sort of string section.’ And Greg said, ‘Okay, give me 15 minutes. I’ll write something up.’ And so I walked out of the room. I came back and he goes, ‘Check this out…’ He hit play, and he had done a keyboard string section demo. And I laughed so fucking hard because it was what I’ve always wanted to do. It was perfect.”