Tool Cryptic New Album ‘MMXIX’ Photo Leaks


Tool have uploaded their Facebook cover image with a cryptic photo of their logo along with ‘MMXIX.’ You can view it below.

A fan named lateral_jambi posted an interesting conspiracy theory on the Tool Reddit:

This was all posted in the other thread but thought it deserved to be a new post since I figured it out: Leaving my edits in cause they tell the story.

tldr: 5/7

Also – thanks to everyone that helped decode yesterday – this was largely built on the back of that work.

The one cricket video is obviously telling us that the chirps are Morris code.

Now the CoSM sale was the tricky part to figure out but looking at the total and the discount you can see that the numbers were: 77.77 and 707 which is of course meant to mean “Divide 4 sevens right in two, 3 sevens make the 0 schism” which is, of course, an old alchemist’s motto.

So, from there we can easily deduce that the 10 hour track is a red herring because… Well, I think we all know that joke is almost too obvious… LOL. Needless to say we will be flipping the previous rules we found.

So, if we take the other cricket clips and slow them down to 1/4 speed so we can hear their morres code… We pass them through what I have been referring to the CoSM filter:

“If there are 3 groups if 7 dots in a row, make the middle one zero”

And then

If there are 4 groups if 7 dots, add another dot between them.

So, I did that for the rest of those videos and then dropped it in a Morse Coding site and got the following:


Now, some people are probably thinking this whole thing is too far down the rabbit hole BUT remeber the ouija post: anagrams

This is where I am stuck, can someone else pick up from here? We are close…

Edit: already been DM’d by several people – for the order of the remaining videos, I used the reverse of the order they were posted – again, with that obvious reflection reference I needed the mirror image of them, not the forward order.

Edit 2: Ok, been working on this and got further: these letters unscramble to:

Toil. U boldly scolded hue!

Toil = work? Boldly scolded hue just makes me think The Scarlet Letter…

This feels like something… Not sure what it means though… Toiling? Affairs? I feel like I am close but missing something…

Edit 3:

I got it!!!

TOOL are telling us this album will be as epic as Lateralus and will be out on May 7th.

A reply made me think about the Scarlet letterman and realize it was from the Grudge. Wear the CROWN.

Googling Crown and Toil you get to an Amazon book called The Crown of Toil by Wilbur MORRIS Stine – a clue that starting from Morris code was correct.

This book is $9.57 – the nine is there just as a joke really (magic number, looks like a spiral) so the 5/7 is what is important.

The last piece for confirmation was the back of the book that says “(the book series( utilizes the latest technology to regenerate fascimiles of historically important writings”

So.. they are trying to “copy” the impact of Lateralus.

Another clue to this is a bit of a “fuck you” to fans that said 10k days was a dummy album: the used and new prices for this book are such that the old used one is more expensive or “valuable” than the new one (“Lateralus > 10k, hurr Durr”) but when you click that expensive used listing – it doesn’t exist, lol, Fuck you buddy!

Holy shit what a journey – h/t to Blair for setting that all up.

So glad to know the release date now, guess it pays to ride the spiral!

Ok brothers!! Spiral out! On 5/7 we will Keep Go Ing!! Lol!!

Edit 4: lol this sub, this is obviously satire but I get it isn’t a tattoo thread. So I was just bored and running with ideas people were on about yesterday.

Quick side note: wasn’t sure if anyone would actually try to decipher the “anagram” halfway through – I made that by scrambling the phrase. “Lol, you decoded bullshit”.

Anyway, thanks for just being you but I had to have something to stare at in this sub that wasn’t liber decem or crickets.