We Are The Catalyst Prove They’re Metal’s Next Big Thing With “Predators”


“Predators”, the latest single from We Are The Catalyst is an unstoppable force of fantastical twenty-first century metal at its finest. From the opening line in which lead singer Cat Dey defiantly declares, “We’re all going to Hell”, you know damn well you’re in for a ride.

Hailing from Sweden, We Are The Catalyst are the latest in a long and proud tradition of Swedish hard rock and metal bands. And like Ghost and Meshuggah before them, We Are The Catalyst are built on a creative independence that forbids anyone the ability to rightfully compare their sound to another band.

Down tuned guitars, blast beats and hauntingly beautiful vocals provide help to elevate “Predators” from just another song to a great song. While We Are The Catalyst have a wildly dark, inventive sound all to their own, you wouldn’t be faulted for seeing the connection to nu-metal and early 2000’s hard rock. The band’s strengths- vocals, catchy metal hooks and wicked instrumental chemistry position them as the new coming of the more one-dimensional aspects of that era while showing just how well done those ideas can be executed when done with integrity.

Since releasing their debut album, Monuments nearly four years ago, We Are The Catalyst have built a reputation as one of Sweden’s most promising rock and metal bands. With their upcoming album, Ephemeral set to drop early next year, “Predators” is the perfect wetting of the appetite to raise anticipation and intrigue. If Ephemeral contains tracks half as good as “Predators”, We Are The Catalyst can very well find themselves sitting a top the mountain of rock and metal bands of this era.

Check out “Predators” and the vast amount of material We Are The Catalyst have released so far into their career. This is not a band you want to miss out on. This isn’t the band you want your friends to tell you about- this is the band you want to introduce to everyone you know! Use “Predators” as the launch point!

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