John Lennon Breaks Up The Beatles In Awful Photo


The Beatles icon John Lennon’s page has posted a photo of the man who is often blamed for the band’s breakup, Allen Klein, with the caption, “KLEIN LENNON ONO. Allen Klein with John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the Apple offices.⠀On the wall is John’s white circular artwork, You Are Here. April 29, 1969.” John Lennon’s ‘love’ letter to a surprising man was revealed a few days ago.

charliepatrick_ig commented, “He fell for Klein’s con, Paul warned John and the other Beatles, and George spent the entire 1970s tied up in litigation against Klein, dude was a rabid dog that wouldn’t let go once he sunk his teeth in.”

pdm_1956 responded, “@charliepatrick_ig If it hadn’t been Paul recommending his father-in-law, and if Lee Eastman hadn’t sent his son instead of showing up himself, a difficult and ultimately fatal episode might have been avoided.”

John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s final heartbreaking photo was recently revealed. michael6083 wrote, “The ruination of The Beatles is best summed up by this photo.”

littleitailiangirl chimed in, “@michael6083 YOU dont know what the hell you’re talking about, for one one thing you probably aren’t old enough to have lived in that era I am, the era of peace and love, your wrong to say that about Yoko, watch the special look it up Above Us Only Sky get a better understanding of joh. and Yoko, she was the love of his life.”

cleghornt said, “@michael6083 pretty sure he was talking about Allen Klein AND Yoko Ono and the reason Yoko probably contributed was for the very reason that she WAS the love of his life.”

mstr_slowhand commented, “@michael6083 They all disintegrated from within and grew tired with one another. No one is to blame for it. It is expected.” A John Lennon classic was banned for a disgusting reason.