Weezer Forced To Use Autotune On New Single “Feels Like Summer”


Weezer released a new pop single titled “Feels Like Summer” yesterday, a far departure from 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright In The End and 2016’s The White Album which recalled their earlier sound and proclaimed that they ‘forgot that disco sucks’ in “Back to the Shack.” There is a heavy use of autotune on the ‘holding on’ pre-chorus portion of the track, which frontman Rivers Cuomo claims he was told to use. Coincidentally, there is also a ‘holding on’ pre-chorus in Linkin Park’s new pop single “Heavy,” which similarly abandons any semblance of a rock sound. The song has received heavy criticism from long time fans on social media.

“The ‘powers that be’ wanted a severe autotune effect in this spot. I struggled hard to reduce it.”

Cuomo also tweeted, “You just got to be an artist and do what makes you happy.”


  • God


  • Stone Gossardish

    Stoner Fart Rock plus auto tune. Why not?

  • sifting .

    weezer are illuminati puppets, so much symbolism at their concert it made me sick

    • Ian

      I’m always interested in Illuminati talk, especially in the music industry. A quick google search didn’t really shed any light on Weezer and the Illuminati other than Rivers is actually Cobain. Care to explain the symbolism at their concerts?

      • sifting .

        maybe its the weezer fan club hand sign i got it confused with the illuminati pyramid sign that jayz does.

  • nomad

    This is terrible.

  • Anonymous501

    When your a band of at least some notoriety. How do you not self-release by this point in your career? Surely the original contract has been fulfilled? It’s not like Record Labels do much these days?

  • peter.b

    did the powers that be also make them write a crappy song?

  • Raj

    The soft keep getting softer first Bush and now Weezer, c’mon bring back the edginess the distortion and leave the pop stuff in the basement stored away.

  • Marc Parker

    2hat the hell is that shit?