AC/DC Icon Stunned By Disturbing Car Accident


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson interviewed The Who frontman Roger Daltrey on his ‘Life on the Road’ television series, which had it’s season premiere on American television in September on AXS TV. Brian Johnson is rumored to reunite with Angus Young. This AC/DC & Guns N’ Roses stadium show claim leaked a couple of days ago. The two discussed a story in which late drummer for The Who, Keith Moon once drove a car into a hotel pool. Howard Stern recently revealed a painful Roger Daltrey secret. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Roger Daltrey: “We stayed in a hotel called The Anavar, it was nice. I swear to you, I reckon that Keith Moon decorated every room in a hotel. Keith would smash one, we would pay the bill in cash, the insurance would be claimed, we would leave and it would all kosher and done after that.  When we came back the man would go:

“Ah! Mr. Moon!”

Daltrey: He’d put us in the worst room in the hotel that needed decorating and he’d pay for it. [Laughter]

Brian Johnson: God bless his socks.

Daltrey: So we’re on that tour, Keith has his twenty-first birthday. Every party in Fleet Machine partly started getting out of hand and things started to get smashed by left. The next day I woke up, Keith’s got a tooth missing and everybody is looking very sheepish. Their story was that he’d driven this Lincoln Continental up two flights of stairs into the swimming pool. I didn’t see this new car in the pool but I saw the bill and part of the bill was draining the pool. I remember the hotel bill to this day, It was fifty-seven thousand dollars which was a lot of money in those days.

Johnson: Sure.

Daltrey: I had to borrow money to get home from that tour, I had to borrow money for the ticket home. 

Johnson: Keith never thought: “Sorry about that”

Daltrey: Oh no, Keith Moon was an absolute expert at spending your money. Keith would think nothing of going:

“Oh, I’ll have that car, or I’ll have that car”

Daltrey: Keith was talking about buying a jumbo jet at one time. Keith didn’t have any money, we were in debt. This AC/DC singer was spotted driving this ridiculous car.