Why Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Greatest 90’s Act In 2017


Edited by Brett Buchanan

A nonstop surge of infectious energy, a hypnotic theatrical performance, and a satisfying dose of funk-rock. That is what you get when you go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

Last night at the Amway Center in Orlando, Alternative Nation had the opportunity to attend a show from their 2017 North American tour in support of their latest album, The Getaway. And here are the reasons why the Chili Peppers are the best 90’s alternative rock band currently on tour.

The Show’s Opening is Magnetic

RHCP opened with a slow introductory jam session, and exploded into “Can’t Stop.” After “Can’t Stop,” they played “Snow.” It’s great to start shows with hits because it’s an immediate way to pull in the crowd and make sure they are invested in the performance, so this was definitely an exciting way to start the show.

Their Extensive Catalog

When you have 11 studio albums, it means you have plenty of songs to play. RHCP covered vast territory as they played at least one song from 8 of their albums.

They Change The Setlist

Surprisingly, they did not perform classics like “Dani California” or “Otherside.” But, according to setlists from other shows, they’ve been switching up what they play from night to night quite a bit. A band as kinky as the Red Hot Chili Peppers do not seem to be the type that would want to keep things the same each time around, and if fans are able to guess which song is going to come next because every show is the same, they might as well watch it on YouTube.

They Sound Incredible

First and foremost, not many artists are able to recreate the exact sound they have in the studio. RHCP accomplish this, and are perhaps performs even better live. They play loud. Despite this, the music doesn’t drown out Anthony Kiedis’ voice at all.

Every Member Adds A Unique Element To The Show

Anthony Kiedis sounds like he’s still in his twenties, Flea kept everyone bumping, and Josh Klinghoffer didn’t miss a note, with a sound similar to that of Jimi Hendrix. Chad Smith’s drumming was flawless. He flipped the sticks up in the air several times, only to catch them and continue pounding again.

The Theatrical Aspect

The lights were mesmerizing. They were shaped like cylinders, and they went from bouncing up and down to forming shapes above the crowd, while also changing color depending on the mood. Blues and greens were for more relaxed songs, while red and other warmer colors went with the ballistic ones. They were always in sync with the music, so it added an extra alluring element to the overall show.

It Feels Like a Party

In addition to the majority of their songs being upbeat, the band members themselves display an admirable amount of energy by skipping around the stage like maniacs. They make the show that much more exciting just by showing everyone how much fun they’re having on stage. Flea came out at one point and walked across the stage upside down on his hands.


Chad Smith concluded the show by shouting out the fans and thanking them for supporting live music. This is an important statement in today’s world where technology is starting to overcome raw talent, which is something RHCP oozes.


1. Can’t Stop
2. Snow (Hey Oh)
3. Dark Necessities
4. I Wanna be Your Dog – (Stooges Cover)
5. Right on Time
6. Go Robot
7. Californication
8. Did I Let You Know
9. Encore
10. Aeroplane
11. Pea
12. The Getaway
13. Sir Psycho Sexy
14. They’re Red Hot
15. Higher Ground
16. Under the Bridge
17. By the Way
18. Goodbye Angels
19. Give it Away

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  • dakotablue

    RHCP ooze something, all right, but not what I call raw talent. I agree with Nick Cave’s opinion (hint: it’s complimentary).

  • Eddie Yarler

    I think Pearl Jam is permanently the greatest 90s act in modern times. Almost every point here is more applicable to Pearl Jam, plus they maintain creativity in a way I’m pretty sure the Chili Peppers have always been incapable of doing. I’m not the biggest fan of either band, but I really commend both of them for still kicking. Almost every other 90s band fucked their legacy beyond repair. RHCP, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Korn are constantly transcending generations through their relevancy. I wish I could say the same about so many of the other talents we had in the 90s.

  • Keith.

    Can’t be the best when you’re only playing 19 songs in a show. Talk to us when they’re banging out 30+ song shows.

  • Juan Domo Peacemaker

    It can’t be real, Josh sounds terrible when you compare it with John Frusciante.

  • dr.3000

    I heard them in the grocery store the other day.