Widow Reveals Chester Bennington’s Reaction To Chris Cornell’s Suicide


Late Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda recently spoke at the ‘Strike A Chord – Looking After Each Other’ event about how she and Chester reacted to Chris Cornell’s dying by suicide in May 2017.

“[Chester] struggled with addiction and depression, two things that I’ve never struggled with. Although I do have my own demons, I had my hardships growing up, we just handled them in very different ways. I came from a point of complete, for lack of a better term, ignorance to his situation. But over time I came to learn that taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.”

When Chester died, it was a complete surprise. My husband in the past had attempted suicide, but I thought to myself it’s because he was wasted, or this or that.

I thought, very naively, we were in the clear. We had a very dear, dear friend, Chris Cornell, take his own life. I felt that, okay, Chester sees what Vicky and the kids, we’re godparents to their children, what they’re going through, this will never happen.

So we went on a family trip to our cabin, that’s the video Jim showed you. My husband was full of life, he had to go back home early to work. He was very excited to be promoting the new album, and doing stuff. So he was happy, he gave me a kiss goodbye, he gave the kids a kiss goodbye, and I never saw him again.”

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

  • Olga Stewart

    ‘…and I never saw him again.’

    That’s the part that I got stuck on. :(.

    • Sheri

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  • Kay B

    Talinda has shown such grace and has been so honest about this whole situation from day one. She is someone to be admired. She is a strong intelligent woman and I think those attributes will help her children in the long run.

  • Dncn Bishop

    Where’s the part where we hear about how Chester reacted?

  • Trovoid

    Come on, Talinda! Chris didn’t take his own life, it was benzo delirium! /s

  • YUGE


  • Cathy

    Now here’s a woman who isn’t in denial!

  • Christina Hurst

    Wonder why he did it on CC birthday though.