Matt Cameron Finally Addresses Fired Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Abbruzzese


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has reacted to ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese and Pseutopia releasing a heartbreaking video for their cover of Chris Cornell’s “Seasons”. Cameron promoted the video on his Instagram story, writing love. He then posted another Chris Cornell tribute photo. This is the first time Cameron has mentioned Abbruzzese on social media.

Abbruzzese had tension with Pearl Jam last year over his exclusion from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it appears all is good between Cameron and Abbruzzese.

Abbruzze said in an interview earlier this year, “Then I looked at how, in comparison to his other work, Matt Cameron’s approach with regards to his drumming is very tame and lackluster when he is playing with PJ. It made me realize that perhaps they never intended to be a hard-driven, powerful rock band.”

“I drove that band as a rock drummer drives a rock band. Like Matt Cameron drove Soundgarden. Mind you, I am still guessing, yet this is the only excuse that I have found that makes my firing make sense.”

Pseutopia commented on YouTube, “Thanks for the likes and comments. Happy to share this tribute in memory of our dear Chris whose light has brought us together.

Love and huge respect to the mighty Dave Abbruzzese who elevates everything he pours his heart into. Keep the love alive! Don’t forget to subscribe – more stuff soon.”

Pseutopia previously wrote, “We are thrilled to present our tribute to our hero, the majestic singer-songwriter, our beloved Chris Cornell. We first cover the beautiful Seasons, his stunning solo work on Singles. To have his peer and friend, the awe-inspiring legend Dave Abbruzzese to share his love in this tribute has been really special. Thank you Chris for inspiring us all these years!

We are also releasing the video for Crooked Nose, an original song that takes us back to the inception of Pseutopia – a shout out to the people who persevere through uncounted hours of struggle and determination in the pursuit of their dreams.”