AC/DC Icon Calls Out Awful Jimi Hendrix Rejection


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson’s widely acclaimed series ‘A Life On The Road’ will make its American television premiere on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 9pE/6pP on AXS TV, featuring an interview with legendary The Police frontman Sting. Johnson and Sting discussed going to see Jimi Hendrix coincidentally at the same club together – in which Johnson was rejected.  During the same show Johnson and Sting discussed their early days being spit on at concerts.

Johnson: There was one musician who blew both our minds back in Newcastle when we were young and that was Jimi Hendrix.

Johnson: You worked the Club-A-GoGo in 1966 when Jimi Hendrix was there. I couldn’t get in because I didn’t have any money but I got on my hands on knees and begged.

Sting: Oh that was you!

[Both laugh]

Johnson: I got in the back and I wasn’t a very tall kid, couldn’t see much except the flash of the machine heads.

Sting: But the ceiling of the stage was this far above your head [Sting motions with his hands]

Johnson: Absoutely.

Sting: That was my first gig.

Johnson: Ever?

Sting: I think so.

Johnson: In England?

Sting: Well there was a Newcastle connection because Chaz Chandler who was the bass player for The Animals was also the manager.

Johnson: Well that would explain why.

Sting: Then the next day, they stayed at Chaz’s mom’s house in Gate’s Head apparently.

Johnson: I didn’t know that.

[Brian’s phone suddenly rings]

Sting: The phone was ringing and really professional, Brian.

[Both Laugh]

Johnson: I don’t fucking believe it! It’s my forty year old Nokia! Sorry about that, that’s embarrassing, I do beg your pardon. You do got yours turned off, have ya?

Sting: I don’t have one.

Johnson: Not even a Nokia?

Sting: No.

Johnson: Well there you go ladies and gentleman, there’s an exclusive right here in this van. Sting doesn’t have a phone so don’t try and phone him!

Brian Johnson made a sad AC/DC stadium shows claim recently, as there have been rumors of an AC/DC tour with Johnson reuniting with Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd.