Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Reveals Surprising Way He Related To Chris Cornell


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Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed how he related to Andy Wood and Chris Cornell through their shared sense of humor in an interview with Dean Delray on Let There Be Talk awhile back.

“That goes to what I was saying. Nobody was trying to do each other, they were just trying to do themselves, and Andy and Love Bone were certainly themselves. Great band, all the guys in the band, Jeff Ament’s kind of artwork and look, he has always been, there’s nobody that does the merch, the design, does cool shit for the fans better than Jeff Ament. He’s been doing it from that Apple on.”

“Andy was a great guy. He was a clown, just like you would see his persona on a stage, he was just like that. I don’t think we ever had a serious conversation. I think Cornell and I were a lot like that too, we were just cracking jokes all the time and taking the piss out of each other and the situation all the time. It was just really comfortable.”

He also discussed the reaction to Alice In Chains releasing Sap after Facelift.

“We did a really heavy record, we came out with our debut, and then we come out with an acoustic thing, and people are like what the fuck is this? I remember we were playing a benefit.”

“We played that, and people were throwing ice at us and shit. They wanted us to play Man in the Box, We Die Young and shit, and we come out playing Sap.

It was important that we did that in the long run, because it opened us up to do pretty much whatever we want. We’re not just a metal band, we’re not an alternative band, we’re not a rock and roll band, we’re not an acoustic band. We’re all of the above.”