Alice Cooper Reveals If Hollywood Vampires Will Breakup


Alice Cooper revealed if his Joe Perry and Johnny Depp supergroup Hollywood Vampires could breakup in a new Kerrang interview.

Bob Dylan once said that he thought your talents as a writer were underappreciated. What did you make of that?”

“I was very appreciative of it. I didn’t even know that he knew that I was alive. I had never met Bob Dylan, but he was certainly the poet laureate of America. That was a huge compliment for me.

“And John Lennon’s favorite song was ‘Elected,’ which he used to talk about, and that gave us some credibility.

“I do think that the music was overshadowed by the theatrics, but that didn’t keep us from trying to write great songs.

“To this day, if you don’t think that your next album is going to be your best album, or if you think that you’ve already written your best song, you should probably quit.”

Hollywood Vampires features you, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry. Who’s the coolest cat in the band?

“Joe is one of those guys who is in his own world. Most lead guitar players that I know are in their own worlds.

“Johnny Depp was a guitar player long before he was an actor, so I can yell out [The Rolling Stones’] ‘Brown Sugar,’ and he knows it and plays it dead on.

“He is a very well-rounded guitar player. He can play lead right up there with Joe Perry.

“People think he’s only there to be eye candy for the girls, but Johnny is as good a guitar player as anyone I’ve ever had in my bands. The Vampires is an awfully good band.”

Supergroups often implode in a plume of acrimony because their members’ egos are too big. How will the Hollywood Vampires avoid this fate?

“Despite this being a band of alpha males who are used to calling the shots, from the first rehearsal to this point there has never been one single argument.

“No-one has butted heads on anything. We try things and all of us instinctively know whether or not it works…

“Nobody ever pulls a hissy fit to get their own way. Johnny and Joe share leads and nobody ever argues.”