Alice In Chains Considered Bizarre Nirvana & Soundgarden Ripoff


William DuVall has shared a photo of the Name The Album suggestion board for Alice In Chains’ new album Rainier Fog, and there are some humorous titles, including Superun-Nevermind, a homage to Soundgarden and Nirvana. You can view the full list below from when the band were recording the album at Studio X in Seattle.

Mike Inez discussed returning to Studio X for the first time since 1995 for Alice In Chains’ self-titled album in a new Bass Player interview, “It was kind of mind-blowing for me. I had a big sense of anxiety going back and recording where we did the dog record in 1994. Studio X is a wonderful studio that was owned at one time by my “sisters,” Ann and Nancy Wilson, and it was called Bad Animals.

The history of the place is fantastic. We did the dog record there, Soundgarden did Superunknown, Pearl Jam did Vs., and even going back to Heart with “Barracuda” and Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle”—just crazy history in the place. It’s on 4th Avenue right in downtown Seattle. I had an apartment nearby, so I walked to work every day. It was nice to breathe that air and drink that water.”