Watch Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Star In Vulgar New Comedy Movie


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist has appeared in films like Jerry Maguire and Singles, but he took on his largest acting role to date in the new short film Dad Band. The movie is directed by Ted Kamp and written by W. Earl Brown. It stars Eric Stromer, Jerry Cantrell, W. Earl Brown, Suzanne Friedline, and Ted Kamp.

It features a ‘dad band’ playing. One character steals another wife’s panties in, leading to a fight. Jerry Cantrell plays a plumber who played in a band that got signed and later dropped. During an exchange about Rush, Cantrell’s character had some vulgar and funny lines.

“Dude, I love Rush too, but face it, chicks don’t alright. It took me longer to get my first wife to go to a Rush concert than it did to try anal, and she said never again.”

Another character asked, “To the concert?”

Cantrell’s character responded, “Yes, it’s one of the reasons we got divorced.”

His character also says, “No chick is going to fuck you to a Rush song. Definitely not up the ass.”

Cantrell’s character is later asked if he knows what he’s doing as a plumber.

“Pretty much. Hot on the left, cold on the right, shit runs downhill. That’s plumbing in a nutshell.”

Watch Dad Band below!