Alice In Chains Reveal How Layne Staley ‘Kept F*cking Up’ Song


As we previously reported, Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell made a mistake while performing “Your Decision” during a recent acoustic set at the SoundLounge, and Cantrell said the incident was him repeating history, after Layne Staley kept screwing up “Sludge Factory” during AIC’s 1996 MTV Unplugged set. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“Funny story, we did the Unplugged in New York and Layne kept fucking up Sludge Factory. We did it like eight times, he blew the same thing in the second verse.”

He was also asked about the Seattle scene.

“We were an outpost, up in the very corner up there. We’re not necessarily known for the center of the universe as far as it comes to the music business or entertainment, so even though we’ve had some great artists come out of the northwest, that probably helped us kind of develop and do our own thing, untouched by anything else. Before anyone paid any attention to it, it was already kicking ass. It was cool to be a part of, because it was all your friends. Everybody was basically the same age within a couple of years, everyone had their own band, it was great.”

He also discussed his musical upbringing.

“Both my parents were country music fans, so I grew up on classic country. My grandmother always watched the Lawrence Welk Show every week, so that was always on the TV. There was always music in the house. Everybody played an instrument, my mother, my aunt, they both played organ, so they’d always be playing tunes and stuff. You’d walk in and my Mom would be rocking out playing tunes by herself, she’d do that all the time, or with my aunt, or I’d sing with her.”