Anthony Kiedis On Why Teens Smoking Pot Is ‘Positive,’ Talks Cocaine ‘Madness’


Anthony Kiedis recently discussed the positives of marijuana and negatives of cocaine in a German interview with He began the discussion when he described his son. Keep in mind these answers are translated so should be taken as paraphrases.

“The first time that there is someone in my life who is more important than myself.”

“I want him to feel secure. Something that did not exist in my childhood. It is more time than I get to grow up.” And what will happen when the boy smokes his first joint? “He certainly won’t have gotten it from his father. Nevertheless, I believe that marijuana smoking is an experience that makes every teenager. It’s something positive, because it expands consciousness. Cocaine is different. If there is any good effect of cocaine, it is overshadowed by pain and madness.”

“All states that have marijuana permits seem to benefit from it. Suppose Colorado, as has neither the crime increased nor the number of traffic accidents. But they have tax revenues, which they invest in education. I do not think drug problem are but how people abuse it. Whether one should also allow hard drugs such as cocaine, of course, is more complicated. but if it leads to less crime and the drug cartels takes power, one should think about it. “