Axl Rose Buys Burger In Photo Before Bad Show


A new photo has emerged in which Axl Rose could be seen with a fan in Oslo, Norway buying a burger.

Following Guns N’ Roses’ recent show at Glastonbury 2023, Neil McCormick of The Telegraph came up with a critique of Axl Rose’s vocal performance. This commentary sparked a reaction from David Draiman, who supported Rose on his Twitter.

The journalist described the singer’s voice during the Glastonbury concert as ‘kind of lumpy, with a toneless feminine falsetto and a honking low range.’ In response, Draiman wrote:

“You know, just when I thought you wankers couldn’t be more off base… Axl Rose is a f-cking legend. I watched a bunch of the clips from Glastonbury, and he absolutely slayed it. He hits notes at his age. Most singers 20 years younger never will in their lives. F-ck off already.”

Fans backed the Disturbed singer’s viewpoint and also came to the vocalist’s defense. For example, highlighting the vocal struggles Rose has faced, a user claimed:

“Wow. Not one whit of credit for the serious physical & vocal retraining Axl Rose put himself through over the last few years. I’m pretty impressed.”

Axl Rose damaged his vocal cords during the band’s We’re F’N’ Back Tour. In 2022, the singer, who was reported to ‘lose his voice,’ had to cancel a show in Glasgow and work with a vocal coach to get better.