Axl Rose May Have Overruled Slash & Duff McKagan On Guns N’ Roses Member’s Return


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum discussed his exclusion from GNR’s reunion in a new 94.3 The Shark interview.

“I think I’m so aloof to the whole thing now; I’m numb to it. [Laughs] The fact that you just asked me and I can’t even come up with an answer, that’s a good thing.”

He also discussed moving on from playing with Duff McKagan, and that it ‘obviously’ was not McKagan’s decision to leave him out of the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Axl Rose has been reported as still being in charge of the band.

“You know, I’ve got Robert DeLeo playing bass now [for Kings of Chaos], and we did the Hollywood Vampires [tour] together, and man, that guy is a musician. And it’s a great thing to get out of my comfort zone, because Duff McKagan was my bass player for 25 years. We did multiple bands together — Neurotic Outsiders and Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos. So it was good for me, because when you are a bass-player-[drummer] rhythm section, you create a bond and you kind of go through life with that guy, and I’ve always been his drummer and he’s been my bass player.

So when they went out there to do it [without me], I was, like, ‘Oh, okay. Well, that’s weird.’ But it wasn’t his decision, obviously. So I’m doing my thing, and I’m moving forward, and I get to run my own band [Kings of Chaos], which is great; I’m the boss. [Laughs] The only problem is everyone asks you questions all the time, so you’ve gotta be prepared for that, to be the boss of the band.”