Axl Rose Reportedly Did Something Really Weird To Keep Guns N’ Roses Name In 2000’s


Axl Rose L.A. Weekly reporter Art Tavana was recently interviewed on Appetite for Distortion, and he revealed some alleged information about Axl Rose’s ownership of the Guns N’ Roses name.

“Yeah he does [own the name], I know that for a fact. He changed the name even like legally, he moved the apostrophe above the N in 2008 or something.”

He also discussed Rose taking control of GNR during the band’s hey day, “Axl, the more business savvy member of the band, and probably the more in control of his habits, took over the band, and took over the decision making process, because he had to. Just like Mick Jagger had to do the same thing in the 70’s, because Keith Richards couldn’t.”

He added, “I do think at one point when Izzy [Stradlin] sobered up, he was like, ‘Okay I’m sober now, I want control of this band again, I want to make decisions with Axl on what we do, setlists, where we play, the vibe, the look and feel we’re going for, and Axl’s like, ‘No, you’re not, you fucked up, this is my band now, so sorry.’ I think Izzy personally, in my opinion, will never fully get over that. Now that Izzy is getting older, I think he’s starting to care about his legacy.”