Bill Gates Reveals Truth About U2 Singer


As if Elon Musk interfering with social platforms isn’t bad enough – Bill Gates now wants in on all things social and entertainment. The computer tech billionaire recently dropped a line into the social construct suggesting that he has revealed the truth about a member of the band U2. What is that truth? We’re about to find out…

As per The Register, Bill of William Gates, Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist and top pick of conspiracy theorists for end of world enthusiasts, spent time interacting with the great unwashed of Reddit in an Ask Me Anything thread this past week.

The rather unforgiving people that call Reddit their internet home positively grilled the billionaire on a range of subjects from: AI, COVID to climate change and Scotland. Based on the amount of comments whipped up by his responses, we can assume many found them unsatisfactory.

Away from heavier issues like Halo, one patriot asked Gates for his favorite band and favorite thing about Scotland. He said:

“I have only been to Scotland 5 times I think. All of the visits have been great. The Foundation does a lot of the livestock work we do there with great partners. We have done a lot for farmers who keep cows and chickens (and sheep and goats) in poor countries using the vaccines and other tools created by the partners there. My favorite bands include U2 – I loved Bono’s recent book and he is a good friend (OK – they are from Ireland – I don’t have a particular Scottish band in mind since bagpipes don’t make my top 10)”.

Did he just say that music is only Scottish if it has bagpipes? No Primal Scream? Mogwai? Belle and Sebastian? Orange Juice? CHURCHES? Heck, even Wet Wet Wet? U2 being his favorite sure explains a lot, though. For more amazing insights from Mr Microsoft, here’s the thread. ®