Billie Eilish Family Wedding Revealed By Actress


News has been spread that actress Jennifer Coolidge and Billie EIlish have a lot of respect for each other. The actress, Coolidge, states that she has spent time with Billie and her brother Finneas, and that they are delightful in her mind. 

According to Cinema Blend, Jennifer Coolidge previously found fame for early ‘00s movies like Best In Show and Legally Blonde. The actress finds herself today being one of the most viral actresses. Between Golden Globes moments, wanting to play a dolphin and recently joining TikTok. Coolidge is apparently a fun presence in the world of cinema.

In one recent story of hers, she revealed a longstanding connection she’s had with the extremely young and British singer, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas “Fog”. 

While promoting her latest movie, Shotgun Wedding, which sounds like someone getting married in a car during a high-speed chase (the probable plot) streaming now with an Amazon Prime subscription, Jennifer Coolidge was asked about the best wedding she’s ever attended. 


“I think the best wedding I ever went to was, I got this invite when I was in this comedy group at the Groundlings and all of us got it. It was this potluck wedding where you brought a dish in this beautiful Malibu canyon and we all went and there was square dancing and everything. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding and I’ve gone to all these fancy weddings where people spend millions of dollars and things like that, and it was equivalent to this very sort of. It was just the most unique, natural wedding and this is the cool part of the story: it was two people who’d known each other a really long time, they knew each other for twelve years and they gave birth to two children after the wedding and it ended up that their daughter is Billie Eilish and their son is Finneas. But, I’ll never forget that wedding. A family of deers showed up while they were doing the nuptials, a family of deer stood in the background. It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever been to”.