Billy Corgan Makes Stunning Smashing Pumpkins Drug Revelation


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed that he’s never used marijuana in a new Instagram story Q&A.

Corgan was asked, “Do you smoke weed anymore?”

He responded, “Never did. Not interested.”

Corgan was also asked, “How are SP drums coming along?”

He responded, “We have another new song (#22) to cut, and next week we cut the drums for Christmas album, too.”

Corgan posted on April 20th, “It don’t look like much but 60+ ideas demoed, 20 songs tracked with drums, band on point and motivated, and a great summer tour looming the guitar is still my weapon of choice; only surpassed by the weapon of prayer. Thank you for keeping the faith, and I wish everyone a beautiful holiday weekend. Hope to see you soon, whether it’s with the Pumpkins at the festivals, my solo shows in Europe, or back stateside with Noel and AFI. Remember, we are all blessed by one another. So celebrate, and be loved…”

He posted on April 24th, “I find I say less and less these days about most things, but it’s not for a lack of passion about my family, my friends, the band, my solo work, and of course the @NWA. In less aware times, I’d blab about all sorts of topics because I had the platform of celebrity and the hubris of someone who didn’t really follow the day to day machinations of social culture.

Anyway, that’s a long preamble to get to here, which is an unbridled enthusiasm for this Saturday’s Crockett Cup in North Carolina (the legendary tag tournament of the NWA, resurrected under our watch and with great gratitude towards the Crockett family PLUS Aldis vs Scurll + Mack vs Cabana + Kay vs Garett). For those who follow the wrestling bubble, you’ll see that the participation here of #CMLL from Mexico, @newerajapan, and our partners @ringofhonor is a beautiful and rare thing, and it is with the blessing and support of the brass at ROH that such an event is made possible.

These are exciting times for fans of any artistic endeavor, as lines blur and opportunities are made manifest in ways that would have been deemed impossible only 5 years ago; as seen by the robust buzz around @allelitewrestling (a talent-led company). So yes, there is this event , of which I am proud and excited to take part in (live YOUR dreams, I say), and proud of my colleagues at the NWA for their hard work and faith in myself and David Lagana.

But most of all, I love the communion of the moment, and thrill of the lights gone down. That will never change, and it’s your endorsement that makes that possible. So thank you for this milestone. And if you can’t make the show, watch us on the @fitetv app. It’s super easy to use and affordable. See you Saturday! Till then it’s SP drums with @chamberdrums @nickaldis @martyscurll @willie_mack @coltcabana @santanagarrett @sienna @nwa.”