Billy Corgan Reveals If Billie Joe Armstrong Is As Great As Kurt Cobain


In a recent Instagram story Q&A, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was asked if Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong is as talented as late Nirvana icon Kurt Cobain. He also praised Green Day’s American Idiot as one of the last big rock albums to impact culture.

Would you say that Billie Joe from Green Day is as important as Kurt Cobain was in the 90’s?

BJ is up there with the greats, for sure.

Would you say that American Idiot by Green Day is one of the last albums that really impacted the culture?

If we are talking about guitar-driven music that reached the masses, yes. And that album was what, 14 years ago?

You’ve mentioned lots of classic rock and metal bands as influences, how about punk bands? Any particular ones?

Punk had very little influence directly. Indirectly, through our peers, more so. But that said I adored the Ramones from age 10 on, and never lost my love for them.

I have vitiligo. I try to embrace the freak, but stares and whispers hurt. Any advice?

As someone born with a birthmark, I see it as a blessing as it taught me early on that most people are shallow, and judge physical over heart/mind. The gift being it helped me value others more highly.