Billy Corgan Turned Down Huge Offer From Dave Grohl


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed in a new Instagram story Q&A that he turned down an offer to appear in 2014’s Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. Sonic Highways was an HBO series directed by Grohl and also a Foo Fighters album.

I’m surprised you weren’t in Sonic Highways: Chicago..Didn’t Dave Grohl as you to take part?

“We were asked and I declined. But please don’t conflate that with any issue between DG and I. Saw Dave not too long ago and admire him as I always have. Our ties are deeper than most know.”

How are you feeling mentally and physically after almost completing such a long tour? Please take care of yourself!

“Thank you for the kind words. I am very, very tired. But I take solace in knowing that from here on out we won’t be doing 3 hour shows anytime soon past Bologna.”

Rumor control. Was Jellybelly your choice for 1st single off MCIS?

“Yes. Was talked out of it by President of Virgin then, Phil Q. He made the right call (Bullet W/ Butterfly Wings).”

Is there a genre/aspect of music you haven’t fully explored you want to dive into?

“Bluegrass. My next solo album hints at some but diving in fully is tempting.”

I heard you drew the original SP Heart. Are you surprised at how iconic it has become?

“Yes, very! I have the original paper still, with all the other attempts to ‘get it right.’ I’ll share someday when I open up the archives.”