Blink-182 & Green Day’s New Bromance Is Adorable


Blink-182 singer/guitarist Matt Skiba recently praised Green Day’s new single “Bang Bang” on Instagram, calling it ‘fucking choice.’ Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong replied in kind by posting that he was listening to Blink-182’s hit single “Bored to Death” by saying, “Hey Matt Skiba! Back at ya amigo!”

Blink-182 and Green Day co-headlined the Pop Disaster tour in 2002. The tour was created to echo the Monsters of Rock tours; the idea was to have, effectively, a Monsters of Punk tour. The two groups, with supporting acts Jimmy Eat World, Kut U Up and Saves the Day, toured for two months across the United States and Canada, mostly in outdoor amphitheatres.

Green Day’s Tré Cool acknowledged in a Kerrang! interview that they committed to the tour as an opportunity to regain their status at the top of tree, as their spotlight had faded over the years. “We set out to reclaim our throne as the most incredible live punk band from you know who”, said Cool. Cool contended that “we heard they were going to quit the tour because they were getting smoked so badly. We didn’t want them to quit the tour. They’re good for filling up the seats up front.”

@greenday "BANG BANG" is SO fucking choice!!! ?✨#bangbang #greenday #punx

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hey @matttskiba ! back at ya amigo! #boredtodeath

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