Blink-182 Sequel To 90’s Classic Leaks In Video


Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recently took to his Instagram account and posted a video clip. He dropped the caption, “Anthem Pt. 3” and it is seemingly their sequel to the song.

The band had dropped “Anthem Part Two” song from the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’ in 2001 and a sequel to “Anthem” from Enema of the State. It was written primarily by guitarist Tom DeLonge, with additional songwriting credit to bassist Mark Hoppus, and Barker.

Anthem Part Two explored teenage rebellion, placing blame on parents for adolescent mischief. Music critics were mixed in their impressions of the song; some found it enjoyable while others considered it formulaic. The song has also been used in the 2014 film Boyhood and was covered by singer-songwriter Julien Baker in 2020.

Blink-182 had attracted mainstream recognition with its 1999 album Enema of the State. The album sold five times platinum domestically and influenced a host of pop punk bands. Its follow-up, 2001’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, followed a similar path, hitting number one on the Billboard 200.

For the project, the trio aimed to make a groovier, less polished effort than its predecessor; central points of inspiration included post-hardcore acts like Fugazi and Refused. “Anthem Part Two” track takes its title from the final song on Enema, “Anthem”; it serves as a sequel and logical continuation of similar themes.