Blink-182’s Reaction To Tom DeLonge Shirt Will Surprise You


According to Reddit, a fan wore a shirt to a Blink-182 VIP meet and greet depicting former member Tom DeLonge holding the band’s new album California. The fan wrote about drummer Travis Barker’s reaction to the shirt, “Travis made an awkward laugh and said ‘cool shirt’ lol. The meet and greets go by so quickly, I doubt the other guys even looked at it.”


Tom DeLonge recently wrote about his current projects on Instagram.

“We are getting very close to showing you all a piece of the documentary. Been working on this for a long time. This week I flew across the country and spent 12 hours with two scientists from an Agency, and a very high-level person from the Defense Department. Our Country has been doing incredible things in relation to this topic. Every decision they made, as hard as it is to comprehend now, really was in our best interest. At first, your instinct is to be angry because you feel like you were lied to, left out of something important… But once you know the facts, you’ll be proud of what our country did. Very proud. #SekretMachines.”

He also wrote, “Work these days is quite diverse. One day I’m writing, the next filming, the next recording… I feel artists in the future won’t be beholden to any one form, they will challenge themselves to understand different vehicles of expression.”