Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Wants $200 Million For Bizarre Project


Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge claimed in a new Mother Jones interview that he is planning a $200 million dollar film that will ‘entertain and educate the public’ regarding his alien research, and compared it to Star Wars and Marvel films.

“I think [the government is] using me, absolutely, because I can help. But I don’t think they’re using me for any kind of misinformation, absolutely not, and I’ll tell you why. It took me a year to reach three groups of people in various stovepipes of the government…that were in charge of this subject matter, not only in terms of engineering, but in terms of intelligence and military. They all said the exact same thing, the exact same story, and that’s what’s so important about what I’m doing with the Sekret Machines franchise. The reality is if the president and Congress aren’t going to have congressional hearings and have an open statement, then the next best thing is a $100 million movie with a $100 million in marketing, with an international release, and having that happen every couple of years with nonfiction books and documentaries. Then you kind of get an awareness going, a conversation going. That’s what I’m doing.”

He added, “It will be multiple nonfiction books, multiple historical fiction novels, multiple major feature films, and multiple documentaries. That’s the goal. It will take us many years to do all that, but it’s something or multiple things happening every year in regards to that architecture. Think of it like the way they do Star Wars or Marvel films. It’s an entertain-and-educate model.”

He also discussed the ‘cargo cult’ of humanity.

“The entire series is setting up a foundation of how to understand the enormity of the subject matter. Everyone wants to pin it down to aliens and flying saucers from other planets. And that’s not the truth. That’s almost like taking someone’s quote out of context. The idea of where consciousness and quantum physics collide is where you’re going to find a lot of the unidentified aerial phenomena. It has to do with human consciousness, spirituality. It has to do with religion. So Gods, the first book, is setting up a foundation for people to understand that the human race is akin to what is known as a ‘cargo cult,’ [which] started in World War II with indigenous tribes. Planes would come in and drop cargo for the troops. [The tribes] had never seen anything like that before. They never even had contact with the outside world. But they saw these planes and created a religion based on them. They worshipped it, hoping that these gods would drop off cargo to them. In the book Gods, we’re trying to set up a foundation so people can understand that all the religions of the world are a form of a cargo cult. And it all relates to seeing things in the sky and supernatural contact.”