Blink-182’s Travis Barker Talks Tom DeLonge’s ‘Obsession’ With Finding Aliens


Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker discussed Tom DeLonge’s departure from the band in a new TMZ interview.

“Tom’s my good friend, he is pursuing his journey in finding UFO’s and aliens.”

“I hope to God he finds something, I really do. He’s obsessed with it.”

Watch the video below!

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker discussed Tom DeLonge’s status with Blink-182 in a new interview with Rock Sound magazine.

Mark said, “Legally we are still finalizing our deal with Tom, so I guess legally he is still a member of the corporation that is Blink-182, but that’s not really what I consider being in the band Blink-182, and he certainly has not participated in the band in any manner in almost two years or whatever it is now. So I think when people say Tom is still in Blink-182 it’s more of a legal thing.

Travis added, “Never say never but for this point in time, yes, it’s done…but I never rule anything out. I don’t have anything against Tom. I love him as a friend, he’s a good guy and great songwriter, but he was gone for over a year and during that time we played three amazing shows with Matt, and wrote this incredible album together…”

Tom DeLonge wrote on Instagram, “Quitting the band to search for UFOs? Hahhaha WTF is wrong with you media. I’m actually talking to Travis about recording and touring right now, not quitting… Never did quit, remember? But- Am I currently working with people in the Government on something important? YES. Including the DOD, Intelligence and Executive Branch? Absolutely. But please, wait for the Sekret Machines Documentary before considering ridiculous headlines about this controversial topic. Haha…. #sekretmachines.”

He later posted, “Sometimes, I would be up late at night, sending messages back-and-forth to people within the CIA and DOD, discussing the best way to position certain information within the Sekret Machines Novel, finding a better way to lay the foundation to what will be said over the course of the project. Here is a pic from the documentary, I was on the computer at midnight, talking with an Advisor about why the secrecy was so important… The answer gave great clarity to why our government builds space craft out in the desert, and far underground away from prying eyes… As many questions that there are, this will all make sense very soon.”