Brandon Flowers Opens Up About The Killers Possibly Breaking Up: ‘We’ve Always Struggled’


Brandon Flowers opened up about The Killers’ inner turmoil, and how relations are tense in the band right now, in a new INews interview. Mark Stoermer quit touring last year, while Dave Keuning quit touring just last month and did not even show up for the official Wonderful Wonderful album photoshoot.

“We’ve always struggled,” Flowers shrugs of the band members’ disparate dynamics. “We’ve struggled on the road, in the studio. Nothing has ever gone smoothly. We should be on our eighth album now, our ninth, but things always got complicated. We want different things, I guess.” Do they remain friends? He laughs dryly. “We’re not meeting up at [American restaurant chain] Chili’s very often, put it that way.”

He later said, “We are different people, and I’m a very confrontational person,” he says. “But I am working on it.” When I ask him how, he answers, without hesitation: therapy. He had therapy, and then encouraged his band to join him. “We did it a few times, but even then, not everybody turned up, and when they did, not everybody talked. It wasn’t always a comfortable situation…” Nevertheless, it worked. Without therapy, Wonderful Wonderful wouldn’t exist.

He later said that if The Killers do break up, he will not stop making music.

“But if we do stop, if we do break up, I wouldn’t be able to stop what I’m doing. It’s just something I have in me, that hunger. I’m hungry still.”