Brian Johnson Reveals His Opinion On Axl Rose Replacing Him In AC/DC


AC/DC members Angus Young and Cliff Williams were recently interviewed by NDR, and Williams revealed that he has spoken to Brian Johnson about Axl Rose replacing him as AC/DC’s lead singer. Johnson told Williams that he is ‘happy’ that Axl Rose is fronting the band. ACDCnut on translated Williams and Young’s quotes from the interview.

When asked if he is keeping in contact with Johnson, Williams said, “Yes, sure. Brian cares about his hearing, that’s why it came to this situation. He must take care of it. He must pay attention to his health. Brian is happy that Axl is there.”

He also said regarding Rose, “[Axl] sings the songs very well, it works very well with the material and he has brought some other songs. The are of older albums and we had not played recently. It’s fun and it’s different, both for us and for the audience.”

Angus Young discussed Axl’s injury, “We do our best. At first it was a little unusual, but I was always flexible – especially on the stage. But over the last concerts Axl was much more flexible. He could get up, so there was a lot more interaction.”

Young also said that he had thought about ending the band due to the issues with his brother Malcolm, Phil Rudd, and Brian Johnson. “Yes, sure, sometimes. Every thing that comes towards you, is hard. But my brother Malcolm always said you have to go on. This he has always believed. It was his idea, his creation. He always said, you have to just go with it.”