Britney Spears Deleted Romantic Photos Revealed


Popular singer Britney Spears was among those to share thoughts on Valentines Day, as she penned a tribute to husband Sam Asghari following the cancelation of a rumored intervention. Interestingly though, Spears has since deleted the tribute.

In an Instagram post (captured by The Blast), Spears shared a throwback image of her and Asghari cuddling up in Maui. She also shared an enthusiastic caption in which she said, “I love you so much baby !!! Your B-day is coming soon !!!”

It’s no surprise that the sweet post garnered some attention, though it’s still shocking that it was taken down after what seems to have been only a few hours.

What’s even more interesting is that another message – that’s also since been deleted – took its place sometime later. The “Circus” singer’s post featured a pink background with one of her personal quotes in white text. And for the caption, the songstress merely stated, “I guess I am one to hang with !!!” and added a rose emoji.

The quote itself reads as follows:

“How many views of observation have you given to people that are AMAZING??? BILLIONS !!! How many have I given myself ??? I’d rather go blind !!!”
There have also been instances in which see’s posted the same photos – and captions – on multiple occasions. As a result of these habits, some fans have expressed concern for the Grammy winner. Those worries only seemed to grow after it was rumored that Spears’ spouse and others were initiating an intervention for her to seek treatment for substance abuse. Those reports have seemingly been debunked, however.