Cage The Elephant Singer Reveals If He’s Really Broke


Cage The Elephant frontman Matt Shultz claimed he spent all of his money in a new Independent interview.

For the better part of a year, Shultz lived in hotels between LA and New York. “It was pretty intense,” he says with a soft laugh. “Spent all my money, not that I had a bunch.” What did he spend it on? “On the things that you do when you’re running away.”

Making the band’s fifth studio album Social Cues forced him to come home, even if he didn’t realise how necessary it was at the time. “I think there’d be a huge potential of me not being here if that hadn’t happened,” he says.

Shultz discussed the dynamics of Cage The Elephant changing in their 13 years together in a new Global News interview.

“It has its ups and downs, yeah. [Laughs] With everyone in the band, we’re all extremely close and communication isn’t always the easiest thing. I think that when we were younger, we really struggled with communication and as a consequence probably fought a lot more, but in these days I think that we really take the time to try and understand and trust each other; so the fights are far more seldom. However, when they do happen, they’re usually great highlights within the process. [Laughs] But as a whole, it’s been really good.

He also discussed moving to England before Cage The Elephant released their debut album.

“For us, a lot of our heroes at that time — and still — had started in the U.K. by either being a band born there, or a band that had managed to find success during their travels over there. Being a country that has so much power as far as musical influence goes, as well as a place where people live in close enough proximity that word of mouth still spreads really well, England stood out to us, so we just thought it made a lot of sense for us to start there.”