Candace Owens Drops Kid Rock Bombshell In Photo


Kayne West recently posed alongside Candace Owens at Paris Fashion Week wearing WLM garb, and it was a look that has caused many to sever ties with West. After he stated that he would go “death con 3” on the Jewish community, West waged war against accusations of anti-Semitism. The controversy hasn’t moved the rapper who has since doubled down on his remarks.

Candace Owens opens up about Kayne West and Kid Rock

Candace Owens has proved to be a strong ally of West and has a long history with the mogul. Although their friendship has had its ups and downs, these days, it looks as if Owens and West have great bond.

Lately, Owens has been promoting her anti-BLM documentary where she allegedly exposes the Black Lives Matter organization. Owens claims that she has evidence that the organization mishandled donations for personal gain, and this revelation has caused many to conflate the business with the movement.

West and Owens posed on the red carpet for her documentary’s premiere, and it was a moment that also saw the likes of Ray J and Kid Rock. The former has long outed his relationship with and admiration of Donald Trump, and Kid Rock has been performing at MAGA rallies for years.

On Twitter, as she pushes her anti-BLM agenda, Owens interrupted her political discourse to drop off a candid photo of West and Rock together. “A vibe,” she wrote alongside the image.

It will be quite interesting to see what other twists and turns West’s recent outbursts will take him. Owens also recently revealed that JPMorgan Chase Bank advised West that they would be closing his accounts.