Chris Cornell’s Emotional Wedding Video Released


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky has shared never before seen video from her 2004 wedding to her late husband.

She wrote on Instagram, “Paris, 14 years ago today, a fairytale wedding. I’m grateful to you for the magic you brought into my life that changed me forever. Every day I miss you more….. #chriscornell #chriscornellforever #noonesingslikeyouanymore.”

She also recently tweeted about the opioid epidemic.

A fan tweeted to her, “Vicky…you can have it all and that self destructive oart if you is always there…I refuse ti believe that he overtly commited suicide, rather his mind short circuited. I’ll never belueve that. Not the way he looked at you and hus kids…nope. an accident!”

Vicky responded, “That’s another way to put it. We often ignore that our brain is an organ . My husband should be here. In order to prevent , we must learn and educate ourselves. #nomorestigma.”

A fan tweeted to her, “couldn’t say it all…I think about you and your children and his other child. You are such a strong woman and I an so proud of you fir standing up though I know you want to lie down. I want to be sober someday. One thing at a time. Over the past 2 yrs battling!”

Vicky responded, “I want to but I can’t stop and I won’t stop for my amazing husband @chriscornell , our beautiful children and over 21 million others.”

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