Chris Cornell Final Interview Before Death Leaks: ‘I’m Not Letting Anybody Down’


Fab TV have uploaded a never before seen short video interview with late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in April 2017 at The Promise’s New York film premiere. Cornell was not interviewed after promotion for The Promise, as he did no interviews during Soundgarden’s late April and May 2017 tour. You can watch the interview below. Alternative Nation transcribed the interview.

You look so handsome this evening by the way!

Thank you!

So, what’s the main difference between writing music for music, and music for film?

If I’m writing music for music, kind of any idea I have is valid, and it’s about me and whatever I’m thinking or feeling. For a film, you’re kind of collaborating with the story, and you have a responsibility to make that collaboration works, and write something that lives in harmony with it.

Did you feel a lot of responsibility with this film?

I definitely did. My wife is Greek, her family is Greek, and they have shared history with the Armenians in terms of the genocide. It was part of the same policy. I have a lot of friends who are Armenian. I was very humbled to be asked to do it, and I definitely obsessed over not screwing it up, not letting anybody down.