Chris Cornell New 2021 Album Is Coming


The Chris Cornell covers album No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol. 1 was released last year as a surprise, and was advertised as Cornell’s final album. The record featured covers of songs like Guns N’ Roses’ “Patience” which had huge success on radio, but the ‘Vol. 1′ title suggested more was coming, despite the final album label.

Chris’ widow Vicky Cornell has told The Rizzuto Show on the 105.7 The Point that Volume 2 is coming, “The thing with this volume one, though, that makes it special is that he mastered it, he sequenced it — this is all Chris from beginning to end. And the other one was mastered, not sequenced, volume two.

And then, because he was just such a prolific writer, we’re blessed, because he has left us lots of music. Not in completely finished form, but there’s enough to work with, and the Cornell stamp is all over it. So that’s really special. So there’s a lot of music.”

It’s unknown if Vicky is referring to Soundgarden’s unfinished final album, where she is battling the band’s surviving members over control of Chris’ demo vocals. If those files ended up being used for reworked solo material rather than Soundgarden, it would definitely upset many fans, so hopefully Vicky is referring to additional solo material recorded with Brendan O’Brien.