Chris Cornell Reveals If New Soundgarden Album Is Priority Over Solo Career


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell discussed if Soundgarden plan to release a new album and tour in 2017 in a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“It’ll be in 2017, both those things will hopefully happen barring any unforeseen thing, which I don’t see any reason why those two things won’t happen. The next thing that I am committing myself to concentrating on 100% is the next Soundgarden album.”

“Soundgarden I always felt was a band that should never play while the sun is still up, we should never play outside. There were all these rules I had in my mind that of course we had to break, and then once we broke them, it was fine, playing festivals in the daytime outside, it just seemed stupid to me, it didn’t make any sense. We were this dark band that should be playing when it’s dark out in a theater somewhere.”

He also discussed the Badmotorfinger era.

“Having Ben Shepard join the band, and having his creative output, which was immediate, plus having one albums more experience, that’s what did it for us. I think we made the defining album that represented who we had been for the last few years. To this day, I also think it hit at a time where commercial music was transitioning slowly but surely. There was a very strong indie metal scene, there was a lot of things going on. That album was living in a lot of different worlds, and it was doing it sort of successfully. Soundgarden was the first band that would get played on MTV’s 120 Minutes, and whatever the heavy metal show was.

Up until us, there was no band that could do that, you were either on one or the other, and the concept didn’t even make sense to anyone. How can you be on Headbanger’s Ball and then be on the sort of jangly indie show? And we could, and that was sort of a new concept that ended up being followed by a lot of bands that could do that. But Badmotorfinger was the first, really Louder Than Love was the lead into that, the first music that could do that. A lot of things came together at the right time for us.”