Chris Cornell’s Brother On Why He’s ‘Not Trying To Take Over Narrative’ Of Death


Peter Cornell posted the following on Facebook regarding his brother Chris Cornell’s death.

These push ups are not meant to be a poke in someone’s eye. I’m not doing battle here. I’m not self-promoting. I’m not trying to take over the narrative of a tragedy that has brought such sadness to so many.

I just wanted to say thank you. THANK YOU! Thank you to so many people messaging from around the world. Messaging in tears. Messaging with support. Messaging with love and grief.

It seemed to me if we rally around a cause it might ease our sorrow.

I couldn’t help my brother. I feel guilty that I couldn’t be there. It still feels like I am walking with a heavy blanket wrapped around me. Much love to you. Much love to the kids.

Day #10 –Suicide Prevention. #BeThe1To

The World Health Organization reports 800,000 suicides per year worldwide.

Join me to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

23 pushups a day for23 days and challenge 23 friends.

Maybe we can help spare another family the devastation. #BeThe1To / 800-273-8255

Copy and paste this message and film/post your pushups.

Join me to raise awareness.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for bringing awaness to this. Pease to you and your family. Only time will heal these wounds.

  • Allison Auld

    He quit this campaign as of today. He says he was “bullied” out of it. Do a story on THAT instead of the MIL’s ridiculous tweets.