Chris Cornell’s Daughter Reveals Favorite Singer Who Also Tragically Died Young


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily revealed her favorite musical artist and singers in a new Tumblr AMA.

Anonymous asked:

favourite musical artist?

amy winehouse i think

Anonymous asked:

Favorite singers whose voice/style you admire? What inspires you to sing?

carole king, amy winehouse, nina simone, noname, smino, erykah badu, mick jagger, neil young, frank ocean, chuck prophet, angel olsen, bowie, jeff buckley, rihanna, stevie nicks, kid cudi, bob dylan, laura mvula, kendrick, pharrell, post malone, andre 3000, lil uzi, sam cooke, wizkid, paul mccartney, jack johnson

all singers that have super specific and unique aesthetics and voices

Anonymous asked:

Are you and Linda Ramone really good friends?? how did your families met?

i love linda!! my dad knew johnny from way back

Anonymous asked:

Do you like math?

i don’t know her

Anonymous asked:

Favorite food

salmon sushi

We previously reported Lily’s answers to other questions.

Do you like Nirvana?


Hi, what do like most about Seattle and what do you like least about Seattle?

i love my people in seattle and i think the city itself beautiful but i hate how small it feels and i fucking hate the weather

favorite The Who album?

the kids are alright

You are a manager? Who are you managing?


why are you doing this question thing?

i’ve been sick in bed for five days i’m running out of activities

what’s a show/movie you recommend to watch?

the disaster artist was dope

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Seattle?

west is best !!

Do you like your hair better short or long?

i can’t decide!!

Do u like Lana Del Rey

kind of

Hej Lily . Have you ever been to Australia?

no 🙁